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Coffee was wasteful


By recycling coffee grounds with    Envar, we will save up to 17 times

more in greenhouse gas emissions

then your current food waste collections. 

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Join the crowd...

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Pedal & Post

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Eumelia have partnered with Envar to bring a more sustainable solution to coffee waste. Envar converts waste coffee into bio-products. From coffee logs and pellets to Inficaf that replaces virgin materials in plastics, automotive products and cosmetics, Envar really is the best option for your coffee waste.   


You can read more about Envars products on their website here.

The amount of greenhouse gas emissions we save (in kg Co2e) for every tonne of spent coffee grounds we recycle into our products. 

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Pedal & Post

The amazing zero emission couriers are the legs of this incredible mission. Pedal & Post provide eco deliveries throughout Oxford and are now the providing a backhauling solution to this brilliant project. 

Urban delivery is changing and they provide the largest cargo bike fleet which is fast reliable and cost effective. If you you would like to find out more visit their page here. 

The process...

Bag up your waste coffee
Request collection on PacPoints
Pedal & Post collect
We take it Envar to be converted into amazing  bio-products
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