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Creating Sustainable



Our carbon footprint calculator draws on a wide database of CO2 emissions. This data resembles that drawn from licensed and open data sources. We focus on gaining data for cradle-to-gate and full lifecycle analysis so that you as a business can understand the full impact of your products and services. 

This includes the emissions generated by materials, packaging of products (by weight of each part), average energy use for product assembly (product type, country location/energy mix), transportation (product weight, distance travelled, mode of transport between any entity until end of life) and current end of life treatment (circular, linear, energy recovery etc).  

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Emissions factors from materials are taken from open data and licensed sources. Data sources include research/journals from various accredited research entities, DEFRA (Department for environment, food and rural affairs) and ICE from the University of Bath. 

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Emissions factors are drawn from AIB (Association of issuing bodies) and data outside of the EU is sourced from IEA (International Energy Association). 

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Transportation is gathered from NTM and google maps APIs. Distances  are averaged between entities and will be as precise as the information provided. 

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